10 Easy Tips For Relocating to Bellingham

10 Easy Tips For Relocating to Bellingham

  • Derek Buse
  • 12/3/22

Moving to Bellingham? Between its proximity to Vancouver and Seattle and its devotion to open verdant spaces, there are countless reasons for relocating to Bellingham. If you are planning to call the Washington enclave home in the near future, chances are high that you would like your move to be seamless, stress-free–and immensely enjoyable. Read on for realtor Derek Buse’s top tips for streamlining the process.

1. Select a winning real estate agent

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Bellingham is an increasingly sought-after location for professionals, families, and retirees–to say nothing of the students that arrive each year for studies at Western Washington University. Housing options in the city range from spacious, grand estates to modern, single-family dwellings…and dozens of choices in between. Regardless of your desire, working with a top-notch Bellingham real estate agent will ensure you find a residence that suits your wishes and needs, whether you are renting or buying. They can steer you towards the most gorgeous and suitable Bellingham homes for sale or towards a townhome rental that’s near the amenities you need for Washington living.

2. Decide on your neighborhood

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Bellingham may be united by its glorious beauty and its upscale ethos, but it also has several distinct neighborhoods. Prior to moving, explore–if possible–its different regions. Columbia, Whatcom Falls, Alabama Hill, Downtown Business District, York, Fairhaven, and Cornwall Park are broadly believed to be several of the top neighborhoods in the city; for those who are looking for a livelier part of Bellingham, you may want to peruse the housing, cuisine, nightlife options, and parks in the busier districts of Roosevelt, Mount Baker, Samish Hill, Puget, and Birchwood. Dine, shop, sip, and stroll in each region before narrowing your search and coming to a decision.

3. Condense your personal possessions

One of the biggest migraines that arrive with moving is transitioning everything you own to a new location. Use the act of relocating as a practice to filter–and curate–your items. Arriving in Bellingham with less tangible weight–real and psychic–can make for a revitalizing, even freeing experience. What’s more? You will save on moving expenses.

4. Hire professional movers

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Expert movers are priceless. If you work with a reputable company, they will protect your belongings while mitigating the overall stress that frequently arrives with moving–even if the majority of that stress is positive.

5. Prepare to adjust your expenses

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If you are relocating to Bellingham from a city like San Francisco or Seattle, you won’t be taken aback by Bellingham’s high cost of living. But the price of living in one of Washington’s most coveted cities does come with an extra layer. The cost of living in this lush area is 24% above the national average and, according to some estimates, ranks in the top 4% of the world’s most exorbitant cities. What you will find in return, however, will be well worth it: With its abundance of outdoor activities and splendid restaurants and breweries, you will be thrilled with the lifestyle this city has to offer.

6. Manage the logistics

WiFi, utilities, and water–all should be hooked up before you arrive in Bellingham so that you feel at home shortly after arriving.

7. Handle the necessities of your current residence before leaving

In the rush to relocate to Bellingham, you may easily overlook the matters you must deal with in your present residence, whether it is canceling your newspaper subscription or shutting off your cable service. Add these items to your move-in checklist to decrease the stress of doing everything all at once or at the last minute.

8. Dedicate your spare time to getting to know Bellingham

Bellingham has an abundance of places to explore and savor. Whatcom Falls Park comprises over 240 acres in the middle of the city, rendering it the perfect spot to find some tranquility. Fairhaven Village offers notable boutiques, great restaurants, and enthralling art galleries; spend an afternoon strolling through its shops to find locally made products. Set out one weekend to check out one or more of Bellingham’s 20-plus craft breweries, and take a jaunt to the snow-crowned Mount Baker on a long weekend excursion. The more you get to know your new home, the deeper you will fall in love and feel like part of its fabric.

9. Find your stomping grounds

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One of the savviest ways to start feeling at home in a new city–even in a city as relatively intimate and tight-knit as Bellingham–is to select your haunts and frequent them. Coffee lovers and breakfast aficionados will be thrilled with Birch Door Cafe, which is beloved by locals for its excellent coffee, superb food, and warm, inviting vibe. Yogis will have a wide selection from which to choose, including Inspire Studio, Yoga Northwest, the Bellingham Yoga Collective, and, for hot yoga fans, Elements Hot Yoga. If the gym is more your speed, you will also have plenty from which to choose.
Want to cultivate that Cheers crowd feel? Check out one of the city’s many taverns–and find your optimal stool before striking up a friendship with the bartenders. At the same time, explore one of the city’s 14 designated parks to find the one you love most–and use it for runs, jogs, bike rides, journaling, reading, picnics…you name it. The point is to become a familiar, friendly place in your new home, which will up your chances of finding your social niche.

10. Hire professionals

Ease the transition by establishing your new roster of professionals prior to or shortly before moving to Bellingham, from a dentist and a doctor to a pet sitter and a vet. Ditto with your hair stylist, manicurist, massage therapist, house cleaner, and more. Then, once all of the logistics are behind you, strap on your running shoes and get outside–Bellingham’s outdoor splendors are, after all, one of the city’s largest and most persuasive draws.
If you are on the hunt for the perfect piece of Bellingham real estate, book a consultation with leading real estate professional Derek Buse at the Buse Agency. The former marketing maven has garnered a reputation as one of the top brokers and realtors in Whatcom County and has helped innumerable people relocate to Bellingham with ease and confidence.

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