Rules We Use to "Win" at Open Houses

Rules We Use to "Win" at Open Houses

  • Derek Buse
  • 10/26/23

The evolution of online listings has completely changed how buyers look at real estate. Although they can explore a 3D tour of the house from the comfort of their own couch, visiting an open house in person is crucial for really getting a feel for the home. You just can’t experience the house the same virtually. Open houses will always remain a necessary part of selling a home. However, you might be wondering how to attract more potential buyers to visit your open house. There are plenty of good tips and tricks that will get more people into your open house and interested in putting down an offer, and here are a few of the best.

1. Put out lots of directional signs

Post plenty of directional signs advertising the open house about a week before the date of the open house. That way, everyone who drives near the neighborhood will see the signs and know when and where the open house will be. Many interested home buyers drive around in the neighborhoods where they want to buy a home, so having the signs out will catch their attention. Make it easy for those who want to go to the open house to get there, so include the address and time on the sign where it’s easy to read. It’s recommended to put out at least 20 signs to attract lots of attention.


2. Spruce up the curb appeal

Houses that have beautiful curb appeal, including well-groomed landscaping, tend to get more interest and offers than those that don’t. Simply painting the front door with fresh color and planting some flowers can make the house look well-cared for and more attractive to buyers. Consider adding a seasonal display to add a homey feel, such as a fall wreath in the Autumn. Setting a good first impression puts the buyer in the right mood for walking through the open house. Seeing something they don’t like on the outside can make them already negative about the house before even walking through it.


3. Get creative with marketing

Think about where and how potential buyers could find out about your open house. Making a memorable mark on the buyer will make them more likely to show up to the open house. Don’t be afraid to get really creative, such as posting a funny video on social media to attract attention or flying a drone with a banner attached to it above the house. Good marketing is key to selling anything, so do as much marketing for your home as possible. Make sure to post your listing and information about the open house both online and in the local papers.


4. Use food and drink to attract more guests

Offering food and drink at the open house can make it feel less intimidating or high-pressure to the guests. Lightening the mood can help invite more potential buyers. Consider asking a local business to cater or hire a food truck to serve food outside. A professional barista serving coffee can be a fun touch, making the open house more enjoyable for visitors. The more guests you attract, the more curious others will get. People want what other people want, so they will visit the open house just to see what all the fuss is about.


5. Choose a theme for your open house

Put a twist on your open house by adding a theme for the event. It makes the house more distinct and memorable for buyers. Remember that they are looking at a large number of houses, so giving yours something memorable will keep it in the front of their mind. You can choose open house themes based on the style of the house, the location, the ideal buyer, or any other unique factor about the house. To play up the theme, serve food that matches the theme, play relevant music, and add appropriate decor. Advertise the open house with the theme so that people remember which open house was yours.


6. Add an event to make it memorable

Combine the open house with a fun event to give people an extra reason to attend the open house and stay for a while. Consider planning a book signing, antique sale, pop-up boutique shopping, live music, or any other event that could attract the ideal buyer. Think about what types of things your ideal buyer might be interested in. For example, if your ideal buyer has young children, you could have face painting, a bouncy castle, or any other fun event that would get parents to bring their kids and look at your open house.


7. Invite the neighbors

As mentioned earlier, the more people come to your open house, the more people will be attracted to the open house. Therefore, invite as many people as possible, including the neighbors. It’s a good opportunity for potential buyers to meet some of the neighbors and get a better idea of how friendly your neighborhood is. Plus, odds are your neighbors have friends or family that are searching for a new home, so they will act as extra marketing for you by word of mouth.


8. Bundle neighborhood open houses together

Speaking of neighbors, find out if other houses in your neighborhood are for sale. If so, it’s the perfect opportunity to bundle together multiple open houses near each other. You can combine forces to attract a lot of guests, and direct your visitors to each other’s open houses. This is also convenient for interested buyers to see multiple homes in one day. Consider hosting different types of events or food at the various houses to encourage people to visit each open house.


Are you looking to sell your home?

Having an experienced real estate agent on your side can make selling your home more seamless. Agents have plenty of advice on how to advertise an open house for more guests. They are also there to talk with guests at your open house, answering any questions and showing them the best features of the house. If you are ready to sell your home, reach out to The Buse Agency.

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